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  • Dynamic IEP Goal and Object Definition

  • Rapid Progress Entry

  • Class Dashboard

  • Progress Reporting


Product Features and Highlights

Dynamic IEP Goal and Objective Definition


We provide the framework to create SMART goals.  We support standalone goals with a single objective, goals with related objectives, and goals with progressive objectives.  Objectives can be set up to track occurrences, percentages, yes/no, proficiency, or counts, over days, weeks, or months.  

This sample shows a set of 3 progressive objectives for a single goal, and demonstrates the use of  custom measurement (words/minute).


The Show Goal Bank button allows you to reuse similar goals.  The Show sample objectives button simplifies goal-building via predefined templates that you can customize.

Rapid Progress Entry

We offer grid-based entry that permits you to select a student and view all of their objectives at once.  The value buttons on the bottom adjust to match the value type; since the current cell is times, the buttons are 0x/1x/2x/3x/4x so you can click instead of type.  Number of days and start date allow you to customize the grid; days a multiple of 5 omit the weekends, days a multiple of 7 include weekends.  If you choose to have an attendance goal for the student, you can track attendance.  Clicking on another student in the Student List brings up their goals.

Who We Are

Our staff includes not only developers and support staff, but also consulting special education teachers, academic teachers, nurses, camp staff, and scouts. Our diverse team brings the advantages of many viewpoints.

Our developers have years of experience working in the software industry, and we welcome your questions about our products.

What We Do


We provide software to help youth reach their greatest potential. We streamline the tracking process to provide the best way to help children, whether it be in a special education class, an academic classroom, or a summer camp.


You can rely on our professionals to ensure that the job is done efficiently and accurately. Call us today to discuss how our tracking software can meet your needs.


Class Dashboard

The class dashboard simplifies access to all actions for your students.

Progress Reporting

Process reports include both the detail observation data and a graph.


Goal progress can be graphed  to PDFs.

Tablets & Phones

Our software runs on the web; and coming soon, as an app on phones and tablets.

Cloud Based

Our cloud-based solution allows access from home, school, and the office, on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.


Data storage is FERPA-compliant.  All data is encrypted during transmission.  Data resides in a secure cloud-based database with encrypted student information.   

 Sample Objectives 

Flexibility to define objectives for any need

Objectives: Single, Related, Progressive

A Goal with a Single Objective

A Goal with Two Related Objectives

A Goal with Three Progressive Objectives

When progressive objectives are defined, the data entered for the first objective automatically applies to the second and later objectives.


Additional Features

Data Download

Goals, Objectives, and Observations can be downloaded into a spreadsheet, for a single goal, selected goals, or all goals.

Free-form Journal

To supplement tracking, the app includes a free-form journal for instructors to write comments as needed. 

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