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Who We Are

Our staff includes not only developers and support staff, but also consulting special education teachers, academic teachers, nurses, camp staff, and scouts. Our diverse team brings the advantages of many viewpoints.

Our developers have years of experience working in the software industry, and we welcome your questions about our products.

What We Do


We provide software to help youth reach their greatest potential. We streamline the tracking process to provide the best way to help children, whether it be in a special education class, an academic classroom, or a summer camp.


You can rely on our professionals to ensure that the job is done efficiently and accurately. Call us today to discuss how our tracking software can meet your needs.


S c o u t C h a t

Product Features and Highlights

Youth Protected Chat

  • Youth phone numbers are entered by parents and not displayed.

  • Chat groups must have 2 adults before youth can be added.

  • If the adult count falls below 2 for any group, youth members can no longer post new messages or read messages.

  • It is important that the adult group members acually monitor the messages. The Group page Audit Report lists the last each adult reviewed messages for the group.

  • Chatmasters can delete inappropriate messages and members can be placed on moderation.

  • There is a profanity filter to block the most obvious profanity but it will not catch everything; adults should monitor messages.

Calendar and Events

  • Events can be defined for meetings, outings, service projects, etc. Members can RSVP Yes, No, or Maybe.

  • Shifts can be defined for events that need them, and members can take available shifts.

  • Things to bring (equipment or food) can be defined if needed, and members can commit to bring an item.

  • Adult family members can RSVP for other members of their family.


Tablets & Phones

Our software runs as an app on phones and tablets; and coming soon, on Windows.

Cloud Based

Our cloud-based solution allows access from home, school, and the office, on your Android or iPhone, and soon on Windows.


All data is encrypted during transmission.  Data resides in a secure cloud-based database with encrypted personal information.   


Coming Soon

File Sharing

Post and download outing information, rosters, blank medical forms, blank permission slips, etc.

Windows Support

Access accounts from Windows using the same interface as the phones. 

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