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Consolidate Program Area Data

Traditional advancement tracking at scout camps involves clipboards, paper, and manual consolidation.  CampTrack maintains an office database for all scouts, advancements, and program areas.  The database is populated by importing simple csv files.

  • On Sunday, tablets for each program area are filled with the scouts and advancements for their area over WiFi. 

  • During the day the tablets are used to track advancement at each area.

  • In the evening, program area staff stop by the office to synchronize their updates to the office computer.

  • The office can run up-to-date reports every evening.

Extensive Reporting

  • Sunday report of class rosters

  • Sunday report of each scout's registered classes for distribution to troops

  • Daily reports for each troop: both advancement and attendance

  • All reports available on display, CSV, or RTF formats.

  • Daily email updates to each troop available

  • End-of-week reports in CSV format are formatted for direct import to Scoutbook.

Simple Program Area Tracking

The scouts registered for each merit badge and the requirements for each badge are already set up on the tablets.

There are four modes of advancement requirements tracking:

  • Attendance mode: At the beginning of the class, take attendance. At end of class, requirements are flagged complete for the scouts in attendance.

  • Class mode: A grid of scouts and requirements allows the counselor to mark requirements complete for individual scouts or for the entire class.

  • Individual mode: For walk-in merit badges like Basketry.  The counselor adds the scout to the advancement from the list of scouts at camp and marks completed requirements.

  • List mode: The counselor can pull up a list of all merit badges for all scouts at the program area, and sort by troop, scout, or merit badge.  They can then select a scout's merit badge and review/update the individual requirements.

Program Areas Can Track Everything

The program area counselors can add scouts to classes, drop them from classes, move them from class to class, even add scouts not already in  the system.  If some requirements in a merit badges are flagged as pre-reqs, they can be flagged complete when the scout presents a scoutmaster note while taking attendance.  Similarly, fee payment can be tracked for those merit badges with fees.

Camp Track

Sample Advancement Screens

Before Class


Attendance Advancement

Scouts can be added to class

Take attendance one at a time, or click All and un-click those who are absent.

Clicks to indicate fee paid or pre-reqs note supplied.

The Apply button finishes the class, flagging the requirements complete for scouts attending.

A Lesson Plan (LP) has been set up for this class.  The requirements to cover are underlined.  Clicking on the individual requirements pops up the full description.  Clicking Set LP flags the underlined requirements as complete.

After Class

Attendance Advancement

Class Advancement

This is the same class that we processed above.  Requirements for individual scouts can be adjusted.


Everyone toggles complete for everyone in the class.

Individual Advancement

Chess is a walk-in merit badge, so we added it as a merit badge for this program area, and added this scout to the advancement. 


Scout Advancement

There is a list of all scouts enrolled in all merit badges in the program area.  You can select one to work on a single scout's requirements.  

This Chess merit badge is an alternative view of the Individual Advancement listed above.


5-Minute Advancement Video covering Tuesday

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